Basic Virtual Reality 360 Photo Viewer

This actually took a while to get off the groung in regards to setting up for VR builds both on my phone and PC.

Through a bunch of google searching it turns out that the most common way to display a 360 photo within unity seems to be by:

Setting up the project to build with VR supported

Creating a sphere and camera at origin.

Creating a Material and attaching the Equirectangular image to that Material.
Finding a custom shader and attach that shader to the material.
The purpose of the shader is to flip the normals to display the pixels on the inside of the sphere instead of the outside.

After all of this I added a script which boosts the RenderScale, which renders the scene at a higher quality.

I do need to find a better screen recorder as the one I used only recorded at a slow FPS, The VR Experience itself didn’t have any lag.

This project has set the groundwork for future projects in this field. My next steps are to develop multiple scenes with a VR menu system and a ray caster cursor as an input.