Understanding Intertextuality – Post 4
James Siebert | 14 October
Intertextuality In this post I will discuss and provide examples of the term "Intertextuality",  Discuss the the producer J.J.Abrams common
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My Name Is Earn – Personal Reflection – Post 3
James Siebert | 9 October
"My Name Is Earn" - 360 Video By Compassion Australia In this post I will be discussing a 360 video
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Genre Analysis – Post 2
James Siebert | 6 October
Science Fiction - Genre Analysis In this post, I will discuss the various elements involved in the science fiction genre. I
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The Narrative in PlayerUnderground’s Battlefields – Post 1
James Siebert | 25 September
The Narrative in PlayerUnderground's Battlefields In this post, I will be discussing various views on the term narrative, a quick
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What is Media? – Post 0
James Siebert | 24 September
My current personal definition of media: Media is content consumed by the viewer received through the body's senses. Media can be
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