James Siebert | 7 November
Platformer V1.0 This has been the most detailed tutorial so far, More info and game improvements coming soon... function SwitchToLoading199d14036d(){
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Creating a VR Menu
James Siebert | 14 October
Creating a VR Menu Oculus GearVR - Unity 2017.1.1f1 Project Brief: Design and build a VR Menu Design for: Android -
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The making of Pod Racer X
James Siebert | 11 October
Basic VR Race Experience Design a race track to test the concepts of VR Racing. Target speed TBC but 500
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BasicVR 360 Player
James Siebert | 10 October
Basic Virtual Reality 360 Photo Viewer This actually took a while to get off the groung in regards to setting
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Space Shooter Image
Space Shooter
James Siebert | 1 October
Space Shooter v1.0 Unity Space Shooter Tutorial Youtube - Tutorial Playlist *Notes This tutorial contains outdated functions and features. The
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Roll a Ball image
Roll a Ball Game
James Siebert | 26 September
Roll a Ball Game As a learning task i have completed Unity's Roll a Ball Tutorial. This is a great
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Phone Gyro image
Android Gyro support in Unity3D
James Siebert | 23 September
Adding simple Gyro Support to Unity3D As I do a lot of VR / 360 Content production I thought it
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