Space Shooter Image
Space Shooter
James Siebert | 1 October
Space Shooter v1.0 Unity Space Shooter Tutorial Youtube - Tutorial Playlist *Notes This tutorial contains outdated functions and features. The
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Game Dev Formulas
James Siebert | 28 September
Game Development Formulas For Google SheetsOthers Random NumbersRANDOM NUMBERS =RAND() Any random number   =RANDBETWEEN(Min,Max) Example RANDBETWEEN(1-100) would return a
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Roll a Ball image
Roll a Ball Game
James Siebert | 26 September
Roll a Ball Game As a learning task i have completed Unity's Roll a Ball Tutorial. This is a great
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The Narrative in PlayerUnderground’s Battlefields – Post 1
James Siebert | 25 September
The Narrative in PlayerUnderground's Battlefields In this post, I will be discussing various views on the term narrative, a quick
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Media360 blog image
What is Media? – Post 0
James Siebert | 24 September
My current personal definition of media: Media is content consumed by the viewer received through the body's senses. Media can be
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Phone Gyro image
Android Gyro support in Unity3D
James Siebert | 23 September
Adding simple Gyro Support to Unity3D As I do a lot of VR / 360 Content production I thought it
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What is Time.deltaTime?
James Siebert | 22 September

What is Time.deltaTime? I came across this question whilst working on some unity tutorials. After a quick search I came

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