After our Christmas Uni Break we have been put right back to work, one of our tasks for GAM111 – Scripting for games developers is to create a Twin Stick Shooter.

A project start was supplied but switching to a new teacher, never actually working on a 2D only project and a uni game where I only worked on VR unity projects + Raspberry Pi, lua, php, html and other web based languages I thought I should start from scratch to brush up my skills for the coming trimester and to fully understand the project I was working on.

I followed a base tutorial but tweaked it to what I wanted to build.
Bringing in a lot of ideas from the Pod Racer Project I made in MDU112 last tri.


I started making the project in 2D but after seeing a lot of successful 2D based games in GAM110 and seeing which ones I liked most I wanted to be able to see 3D walls and decals from explosions etc on them plus the bullets falling to the ground after impact.
For this I needed to use unity’s 3D modules.

I am also more familiar with 3D



Had a quick look over starter code


Found a tutorial online


Bought and installed Xbox One controller


Created photoshop sprites and floor graphics.
256×256 psd  – images trimmed and exported as transparent pngs


Added plain, rotate -90

Switch view to 2D


Building Player

Added empty game object, then added Turret and Ship base together within Player as they both move together and act as 1.

Added Rigidbody

Attached PlayerController Script


Building Enemy

Empty game object, contains enemy body + 8 legs


Mapping Xbox One controller https://ritchielozada.com/2016/01/16/part-11-using-an-xbox-one-controller-with-unity-on-windows-10/


Left Stick  X=X axis, Y = Y axis

Right Stick  X = 4th axis, Y = 5th axis


Named axis to: (in edit > project Settings > input)

Left stick: xMove, yMove

Right stick: xShoot, yShoot


  • Drifting issue looks like its coming from unity, will come back to this


Building bullet

Added empty game object, added sprite, added particle effect as child.

Added rigid body with no gravity to bullet gameobject

Added to prefabs


Getaxis values: Up = +1, Down = -1, Right = +1, Left = -1


Instantiate bullets