The Royal Purge (Turn Based Battle)

Game Info

This game was designed to be similar to the older version of the Pokemon game.
In this game you are a ship from the royal fleet out to exterminate the pirates. You explore a world and in certain regions you can encounter random enemies.
On enemy encounters you enter a battle scene where you plus your team battle another randomly sized fleet of random enemies, any both teams battle turn by turn until one of the teams have been defeated.
There is also the opportunity to enter and explore smaller towns, harbours etc


What went Right

Entering / exiting towns

What happened? When you collide with the towns object (in this case it is an island) you enter a new scene where you can explore in more detail.

Why it happened? There needed to be a way to enter a different scene, for example inside a building, town or any area too complex to show on the world map
Planning ahead and some problem solving skills were used to design an enter / exit system with custom spawn points proved to work great.

How do we make sure it happens again? This worked well and I will likely use this technique in the future.
The system worked like by when a collision is detected with the smaller island (while in the world map) the scene is changed and you are spawned at a set location in the town.
To exit a  similar style of system is used, but there is an exit trigger.
The spawning in and out uses strings instead of having to link objects, this system allows for  mass scaling with minimal implementation time or linking.


Re use of themed assets

What happened? Re using old assets in a different game saved A LOT of time

Why it happened? The game brief followed a similar theme to a previous game I had built. Knowing I had all of these assets ready to go, I saved a lot of time and this allowed me to focus  my time on learning new skills and techniques.

How do we make sure it happens again? I found that re using these assets helped me cut down on project time costs and allowed me to keep a high quality looking game. The assets used were from a previous project of mine “The Battle for Treasure Island”.
When possible and feasible re use assets and code to save time, then spend that saved time implementing new ideas or techniques to help grow your skills and quality of work.

What went Wrong

I over scoped, again

What happened? Over the past few projects I have found myself over scoping  a lot.  I often assume that if I work hard I will have enough weeks to complete this scale of game.

Why it happened? What seems to get me is I do put in a lot of effort but when assessments for other subjects come along I need to spend more time on them than the current game. This causes my actual time vs projected time to fall behind schedule, leading to me falling behind in the game project.

How do we make sure it doesn’t happen again? This can be addressed in a few different ways.
Be sure to have time management schedules in place for all of your subjects, this way you will know how in depth an assessment will be and you will be able to allocate the required time to that task in those specific weeks.
Initially draw up a detailed project plan of how the game will be designed then figure out the required time / your available time. Using these initial figures you should also include a time buffer for the unexpected problems and play testing.
I am looking forward to next Trimester where we will only have 2 subjects assessments to worry about, this should make planning my tasks and expectations a lot clearer, better time managed and reflect better on my deliverable projects.


UI Anchors

What happened?  I had some issues with the UI Scaling peoperly

Why it happened? The anchor points and UI settings are important for scaling the screen size and i had missed setting a lot of them up properly.
I rushed into UI design without knowing the specifics of UI design first.

How do we make sure it doesn’t happen again?
an easy way to test this is to simply scale the game windows size, then you will see if the UI elements are scaling properly or not.
You need to set your edge anchors in the correct position in order the scale items correctly, especially when you have items inside items.
This unity reference covers everything you should need about Unitys UI, there is a wealth of information here and plenty that I haven’t had a chance to explore yet.
Unity UI Official resources