My current personal definition of media:
Media is content consumed by the viewer received through the body’s senses. Media can be in many forms and styles. It can be used to portray ideas, messages, entertain, inform. It has the power to initiate emotional responses in the viewer and is often used to make the viewer see or question things in a different way.

Successful Media Practitioners:
One of the Media Practitioners I have chosen to investigate is the developer “Oculus”. Today oculus are seen as the market leaders and pioneers of the new and emerging world of VR.
Oculus is striving to push the limits of Hardware, Software and Content in the effort to make VR a commonly consumed and easily accessible media.

A Media piece that engaged me:
One of my first VR experiences was the Moon Theater within the Standard Oculus Home app on the GearVR Virtual Reality Headset.
The sense of immersion was amazing! Everything worked perfectly, the detail was accurate and believable, the experience itself made you forget that you were actually sitting in a chair wearing a strange headset and instead tricked you into thinking you were watching the video of your choice from a projector whilst sitting on the moon, cinema style space chair, popcorn and all!

This initially inspired me to explore building VR experiences in Unity and start playing with ideas and explore future career paths in VR design instead of 360 content production where I currently was.

Forbes – Media As Creative Content In The Digital Age

Media can be the message itself, especially for those who create and own rights to content. In the continuum of professionally produced content at one extreme, and user-generated, amateur content at the other extreme, what constitutes media?

Benoit reacts: “Content is king. All content is media, whether it is of great quality or not. The information on your website, a show on Netflix, comments in your Facebook feed, or a video of your kid on YouTube are content and can be monetized. If you get enough traffic on your website then you can put ads on it. If you get enough views of your video of your kid on YouTube they send you a check.”

Others industry executives who I talked to are stricter in their definition of media as creative content, based on the degree to which the content can be monetized. They draw the line at a certain level of artistic creativity, viewership, or revenue potential. But even under this perspective, professional production using top artists is no longer the sole guarantee of success. Rather, if media is to be held to a standard, consumers increasingly play a key role because viewership in the form of clicks, streams, and downloads has the biggest leverage towards monetization. A catchy viral, amateur video may get more viewers than a professionally produced video.

Oculus Moon Cinema (GearVR)

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